GDPR - Data Protection
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018

You may be aware that the EBU has put together information regarding the revised rule required for Data Protection These can then be applied uniformly across all clubs.

Bridgewebs generally conforms to these rules, but will be reviewed and updated where required. However, the Data Protecion rules, are as much the housekeeping of the club  as any software.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018


Bridgewebs should be able to satisfy the requirements of the GNDP. However, it will require that clubs adhere to certain manual guidelines...............

Privacy Statement

Bridgewebs needs both a Privacy statement and a Contract regarding its relationship between Bridgewebs and the Club. We are working on this.

The Club needs a different Privacy statement regarding its relationship between the Club and its Members. We are looking at whether a general Privacy Policy could be built dynamically from a standard template. 

Member Lists

The GDPR reinforces rules that have been there before.

All information collected relating to the members of the club is “personal data” and only that which is in the the club’s “legitimate interest” to have this information.

Any "personal data" can only be used when the member has consented to its use and "Opted-In".

You can use the Bridgewebs Membership database for your Member data, provided that the necessary security is in place and Bridgewebs satisfies the re requirements.

"Member Lists" should not generally be available to view by Members, but where available, each Member needs to consent to their information being presented 

If you haven't set the consents or want to remove "Member List" until you have, then go to WebAdmin - Menu - "Member Tab" and remove the "Member List" by dragging to second bar.

Currently, there are 2 Opt-Out fields which will be reversed to Opt-In, but have the same meaning.

  • Opt-Out List - This person will not be shown in any list
  • Opt-Out Email - The email will not show in any list nor will any emails be sent